Atheist in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has gone under the control of gangsters and Sheikh Hasina

Jubaleague leader Delwar Hossain is the prime accused in the case in which a woman was stripped and tortured in Noakhali on September 2, after some members of Delwar Gang failed to rape her. Delwar heads Delwar gang which has 50 to 60 cadres.
Delwar became known to the senior Awami League leaders after his cadres captured a voting centre during local Union Council election and helped the ruling party win. Since then the graph of Delwar’s power and political career has kept rising.
Before becoming an active Jubaleague worker, Delwar was known as a mugger, petty thief and even a small-time terrorist. National daily Jugantar has published an investigative report which has revealed Delwar’s background.
Please note that we have all along been saying that the fraudulent national election is linked to these cases of rape. Hasina did not have popular support. So, she captured the voting centres and rigged the elections massively with the help of police and gangsters like Delwar. Bangladesh has gone under the control of gangsters and Sheikh Hasina is indeed responsible for this.
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Md Asad Uzzaman Khan

My Name is Md Asad Uzzaman Khan. Welcome to my blog. An atheist blogger and writer. I love to write about politics, Religion, Philosophy, and other topics. I think religion is like a burden on every human being. I also do love to imagine a world what John Lenon thought many years ago-

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace