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Ayaan Hirsi Ali on radical Dawa

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali – What is Radical Dawa?

In this exclusive video, human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains the concept of dawa. Dawa is the act of missionizing. However, when extremist elements start preaching radical dawa they have a new agenda. They pray on the vulnerable, lonely, disaffected and troubled to convert for one purpose – jihad.



From Clarion’s primer on the Muslim Brotherhood


The ultimate goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is the establishment of a global caliphate (Islamic state), in which a caliph (monarch) rules in accordance with sharia (Islamic law). Although their
operational goals change according to circumstances – i.e., the Brotherhood’s initial goal was to liberate Egypt from the British – nevertheless, they still stay focused on their ultimate aim, and
all of their actions are undertaken in this context. They seek to realize their long-term goal initially by spreading the message of Islam (termed dawa meaning proselytizing) and recruiting people into the organization. Later, this goal can be achieved through violent means and jihad, if necessary. Slow and steady growth and a willingness to work within existing structural frameworks are
hallmarks of Muslim Brotherhood strategy. Their teachings go into detail about the importance of establishing charitable organizations, educational establishments, sporting clubs and other such
institutions for the twin purposes of spreading the message of Islam and facilitating social justice.

Zakat (charity), in particular, is utilized for these purposes and is therefore a priority for the Brotherhood.

Islamic education is given a key role. Most of the curriculum is textual study eg. the Quran and the Hadiths – the recorded teachings deeds and sayings of Muhammed. Education is particularly
focused on youth, which play an essential part in the Brotherhood’s overall strategy. Youth wings dedicated to the Brotherhood’s ideology can be rapidly deployed to the streets when the
leadership deems it necessary to advance their interests.

Armed jihad remains an integral part of their overall Islamist ideology, although the group officially renounces violence and members of the Brotherhood have not hesitated to use it when
they see fit. The founding bylaws explicitly state, “The Islamic nation must be fully prepared to fight the tyrants and the enemies of Allah as a prelude to establishing an Islamic state.”

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Syed Isteak Hossain Shawon